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CCTV Installation & Managed Services

As part of Central Highlands Regional Council’s CCTV Installation & Managed Services program, surveillance cameras at Council owned sites and facilities will be replaced and installed throughout the region. These cameras will assist CHRC in creating a safer region for both staff and the community by deterring potential offenders and aiding in crime detection.

These cameras currently operate in Council owned facilities and sites, with a majority of these spaces being open to public use and events. The appropriate CCTV signage is placed in the designated monitored areas to appropriately notify the public of its existence.

CHRC has awarded this contract of works to Field Solutions Group.

The purpose of the CCTV is to:

  • Increase perceived community safety throughout the Central Highlands Region
  • Provide Council asset and staff protection
  • Detect and reduce anti-social and unlawful behaviour
  • Support the Queensland Police Service to identify and effectively prosecute offenders


  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance Definition
    CCTV refers to camera surveillance that captures images of people and activity. Any personal information collected through CCTV surveillance must comply with the Privacy Law.


    CCTV operates in the common areas of certain Central Highlands Regional Council locations. The main purpose of this is to maintain a safe and secure environment for our staff, assets, community residents and region visitors. We may use personal information gathered from CCTV for security, risk management and incident investigation purposes. Access to CCTV footage will only be granted where access is required or authorised by law.
  • Partnership

    CHRC is pleased to announce the partnership in awarding of Tender 2022T028C CCTV installation and Managed services to Field Solutions Group (FSG). FSG is an Australian telecommunications and technology company that provides connectivity, business, and technological security solutions for rural and remote areas, with an office based in the region, located in Emerald.

  • What surveillance will achieve

    As part of CHRC’s CCTV Installation and Managed Services program, surveillance cameras will be replaced and installed throughout the region at Council owned facilities and sites, with a majority of these spaces being open to public use and events. These cameras will assist Council in asset and staff protection whilst also creating a safer region for the local community as these cameras will deter potential criminal offenders and aid in crime detection as needed with Queensland Police Services.

  • About Verdaka

    The digital CCTV cameras that will be appointed/installed within this program are Verkada surveillance cameras. Verkada is an American surveillance camera company with their software and firmware engineering teams based in California. The data recorded from these cameras is stored in a database within Australia and is not stored in a database in any other country.

  • Protocols around surveillance

    This CCTV program is governed by strict protocols and procedures to safeguard the integrity and accountability of the program.

    These protocols and procedures cover the following:

    • Access to the camera control centre
    • Liaison with Queensland Police Services (QPS)
    • Dissemination of images and video footage to the QPS, courts and certain civilian applicants made under a right to information request

    These protocols and procedures are committed to:

    • Ensuring the privacy of individuals is protected
    • Ensuring cameras are only used for their designated purpose
    • Protecting the rights of individuals
  • Policy and guidelines

    Close circuit television (CCTV) Policy

    Privacy Policy

    It is important to note that this CCTV solution will not be monitored by a third-party and will not be monitored by CHRC staff. Footage will only be viewed and exported out of the system in the event of a formal request for footage.

Emergency Management Dashboard

Up-to-date weather, road closure and disaster information.