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Senior Management

Senior Management

The business of council is managed by a chief executive officer who reports directly to the councillors. The CEO is supported by an executive leadership team being the general managers from four operational departments.

This chart shows each of the executive leadership team members and their senior managers.

Ross Higgins

Acting Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer – Arun Dias
  • General Manager Communities – John McDougall
  • General Manager Commercial and Corporate Services – Carolyn Knudsen
  • General Manager Infrastructure and Utilities – Jason Hoolihan
  • General Manager People, Safety and Legal – Daryl Hitzman

Arun Dias

Chief Financial Officer

  • Manager Finance – Helen Kirby
  • Manager Strategic Contracts and Procurement – Martin Dunn

John McDougall

General Manager Communities

  • Manager Planning and Land Management – Kristin Byrne
  • Manager Connected Communities – Suzanne Poulter
  • Manager Parks and Recreation – Leisa Donlan
  • Acting Coordinator Public Relations and Events – Kayla Bonner
  • Coordinator Disaster Management and Community Resilience – Glenn Bell
  • Flood Mitigation Project Manager – Bill Wilkinson
  • Manager Resource Recovery and Environmental Health – Tracey Jackson

Carolyn Knudsen

General Manager  Commercial and Corporate Services

  • Manager Airport – Bryan Griggs
  • Manager Saleyards – Tim Maguire
  • Manager Customer Service – Rebecah Brosnan
  • Manager Information and Communications Technology – Clinton Nicol-Dickson
  • Manager Governance – Millicent Bradley Woods

Jason Hoolihan

General Manager Infrastructure and Utilities

  • Manager Infrastructure – Tyronne Meredith
  • Manager Project Management Office – Kym Downey
  • Manager Water Utilities – Amber Robinson
  • Manager Fleet, Workshops and Depots – Robert Rixon

Daryl Hitzman

General Manager People, Safety and Legal

  • Manager People & Safety – Tarnya Lowe
  • Manager Legal & Property – Rhys Dennison

Emergency Management Dashboard

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