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Council land and property for sale

Property for sale by tender

Council is offering for sale by public tender several vacant properties. Details of open and upcoming tenders will be published here.

  • Tender information

    Each tender will have four documents, linked under their respective tabs below:

    • Part 1 – Invitation to Tender/Tender Conditions (read and keep this part)
    • Part 2 – Specifications (read and keep this part)
    • Part 3 – Respondent Submission Form
    • Part 4 – Draft Contract for Houses and Residential Land
  • Site inspections

    Site inspections are held by appointment only by contacting the Property Services team.


    Phone: 1300 242 686

  • Submission of tender

    Tenders must be submitted by either email to or hand-delivered to the physical tender boxes at council’s customer service centres.

    Due dates for submissions will be listed under each tender below.

    If you require help regarding the tender submission process, please contact our Procurement Department on 1300 242 686.

  • Evaluation of tenders

    Tenders will be evaluated using the information in and with the submitted Respondent’s Submission Form (Part 3). The evaluation panel will consist of a team of three.

    Finalisation of the evaluation process and notification to applicants will occur two weeks after the closing date.

    The following criteria will apply when evaluating each tender:

    Description of compliance criteria  
    (a)       Compliance with the terms and conditions of the tender Yes  /  No
    (b)       Compliance with lodgment of this Respondent’s Submission Form through email to or via lodgment in a physical tender box at a council office as identified in the conditions. Yes  /  No


    Evaluation criteria and definitions Information required
    Is the tenderer intending to occupy the property after settlement if they are the successful tenderer? Yes./ No
    Does the tenderer currently own or have owned any other property? Yes / No
    Local preference-

    1. Currently resides in location “eg, Capella/Blackwater/Duaringa etc”.
    2. Currently resides in the Central Highlands Regional Council area.
    3. Currently resides outside the Central Highlands Regional Council area.
    Currently reside in:

    Yes / No

    Yes / No

    Yes / No


    Acceptance of the sale terms and conditions as set out in Part 4 – Contract for Houses and Residential Land


    Yes / No

    Price and value for money

    Purchase price offered

    Lump sum

    Submissions will be scored on the above between 0 and 10.

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