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Contracts awarded over $200,000

In accordance with Section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Central Highlands Regional Council is obligated to publish details of all contracts valued $200,000 or more. These details must be displayed on a regular basis on Council’s website and on a public notice board, this is located at Emerald office located at 65 Egerton Street. Please note all prices are GST exclusive.

Contracts awarded over $200,000


  • November 2022
    Providers: Boisos Electrical Services Pty Ltd
    Title of tender – 2022T031C – Upgrade Community Housing – Martin Place Units Split Systems and Removal of Evaporative Coolers
    Awarded amount: $208,934.70
    Date Awarded: 1/11/22


    Panel of Providers: Jason Ross Earthmoving, CHWM Pty Ltd, CH Side Tippers Pty Ltd
    Title of Tender – 2022T286N – Cotherstone Road Pavement Construction & Sealing – Wet Hire Road Train & Semi Side Tippers
    Awarded amount: > $200,000
    Date awarded: 05/05/22


    Providers: Boral Resources Qld
    Title of tender – 2021T264C – Mulcahy’s Road pave and Seal – All services supply & install bituminous products
    Awarded amount: $635,287.62
    Date Awarded: 17/02/22

  • October 2022
    Providers: MMT Contracting Pty Ltd
    Title of tender – 2022T003C Gregory Highway Pathway Works and Footpath Connection Program 22/23
    Awarded amount: $1,042,451.94
    Date Awarded: 25/10/2022


    Providers: GHD Pty Ltd
    Title of tender – 2022T010E Blackwater Stormwater and Rehab Design
    Awarded amount: $615,704
    Date Awarded: 25/10/2022


    Providers: Diversified Building Services
    Title of  Tender –  2022T029E Blackwater Community Centre Renewal
    Awarded amount: $323,311.75
    Date Awarded: 17/10/2022
  • September 2022
    Providers: Shamrock Building Constructions
    Title of tender – 2022T006C Community Housing Upgrades in Duaringa
    Awarded amount: $255,581
    Date Awarded: 15/09/2022
  • August 2022
    Panel of Providers: Bellweather Contractors, CMG, Seaforth Civil Pty Ltd
    Title of Tender – 2022T312C Urban Civil Construction Prequalified Panel Arrangement
    Awarded amount: > $200,000
    Date awarded: 15/08/2022


    Title of Tender – 2021T250S All services Supply and Install Bitumen Products Pave and Seal Fitzroy Development Rd, 85A, Bauhinia
    Awarded amount: $462,569.76
    Date awarded: 25/08/2022
  • June 2022
    RIOT Solutions
    Title of tender – 2022T282C – Managed Security Service Provider
    Awarded amount:  $529,800.00
    Date awarded: 07/06/2022


    Panel of Providers: Jason Ross Earthmoving, MHR Logistics, Powell Contracting, C.K Walsh & C.M Walsh
    Title of Tender – 2022T295C Wet Hire Side Tippers – Pave and Seal Mulcahys Road
    Awarded amount: > $200,000
    Date awarded: 17/06/2022
  • May 2022

    GHD Pty Ltd

    Title of tender – 2022T292C Nogoa River Bridge Design

    Awarded amount: $231,550

    Date Awarded: 23/05/2022


    Multi Awarded: CHWM Pty Ltd and LDL Contracting Pty Ltd

    Title of tender – 2022T2273C Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) Slashing and Spraying

    Date Awarded: 04/05/2022



    Title of tender – 2022T278C Professional Services – Project AUality Representative

    Awarded amount: $326,100

    Date Awarded: 04/05/2022


    MMT Contracting Pty Ltd

    Title of tender – 2022T280C – Footpath Construction Program 2021/2022

    Awarded amount: $516,994

    Date Awarded: 03/05/2022

  • March 2022

    Harrison Infrastructure Group

    Title of tender – 2022T291C Robert Opal Street Intersection – 101347

    Awarded amount: $269,069.90

    Date Awarded: 03/03/2022


    Panel of providers: The Trustee for the Hayes Family Trust, C w Savas and R I Van Houten, NQ Rural Pty Ltd, WD & FL PITT Rural Contractors

    Title of tender – 2022T272C Supply of Round Bales of Hay Emerald

    Awarded amount: >$200,000

    Date Awarded: 21/03/2022


  • February 2022

    Fulton Hogan Pty Ltd

    Title of tender – 2022T268C Bitumen Sealing – Lilyvale Road

    Awarded amount: $302,862.59

    Date Awarded: 11/02/2022


    AquaPS Pty Ltd

    Title of tender – 2021T225C Park Avenue WWTP Bypass Pipe

    Awarded amount: $745,864.00

    Date Awarded: 15/02/2022


    Applied VFM

    Title of tender – 2021T266C Project Management for Strategic Technology Requests 2022/2023

    Awarded amount: $470,000.00

    Date Awarded: 24/02/2022

  • January 2022

    Hastings Deering

    Title of tender – 2021T247C CCF Class 1250 Track Skidsteer loader and attachments

    Awarded amount: $273,756.69

    Date Awarded: 19/01/2022


    Fulton Hogan Pty  Ltd

    Title of tender – 2021T263C Asphalt Surface renewal program 2021/2022 – direct to BUS270

    Awarded amount: $799,888.91

    Date Awarded: 21/01/2022


    Hastings Deering

    Title of tender – 2021T211C Supply & Delivery of One (1) 4WD Wheel Loader

    Awarded amount: $375,849.55

    Date Awarded: 27/01/2022


  • December 2021

    MMT Contracting Pty Ltd

    Title of tender – 2021T217C Emerald State High School Bus parking construction

    Awarded amount: $529,534.45

    Date Awarded: 2/12/2021


    Multi Awarded: Rollers Queensland, Tutt Bryant Hire

    Title of tender – 2021T036C Dry hire of road rollers

    Awarded amount: >$200,001

    Date Awarded: 15/12/2021


    Fletchers Earthmoving Pty Ltd

    Title of tender – 2021T255E Service Gravel resheeting

    Awarded amount: $431,252.50

    Date Awarded: 15/12/2021

  • November 2021

    George Bourne and Associates

    Title of tender – 2021T249C Professional Services, Civil Construction Inspectors and Supervisor

    Awarded amount: $537,400

    Date Awarded: 15/11/2021


    Panel of Providers: Ashtina Sand and Gravel, Bauhinia Stone, Blackwater Quarries, Dawson Quarries, Glendon Quarry, Quarries of Queensland, Wagners Quarries

    Title of tender – 2021T219C Panel of Quarry material providers 2021/2022

    Awarded amount: >$200,000

    Date Awarded: 18/11/2021


    Cooper McCullough Group

    Title of tender – 2021T239C Road Rehabilitation – Insitu Cement Stabilisation 2021/22

    Awarded amount: $1,856,167.40

    Date Awarded: 23/11/2021

Registers of Pre-qualified suppliers (panels)

For a range of operational reasons, considered in the context of the Local Government Regulation, Council may establish a number of Registers (panels) of Pre-qualified Suppliers via tender initially.

Invitations will be issued to those suppliers on the approved panel when the goods and services are required. This will provide the opportunity for Council to then provide greater detail about the specific details of the goods, services or work required.

Council uses Vendorpanel to facilitate the issuing of quotes to the Registers and also make sure that the appropriate securities are in place prior to the closing time.

Registers of Pre-qualified suppliers operate for several years with new suppliers only allowed to apply to be on a Register when it is advertised. For most Registers Council advertises for additional suppliers several times per year.

Registers of Pre-qualified Suppliers, Preferred Suppliers and Approved Contractor Lists

Under the Local Government Regulation, Council is permitted to create the following:

• Registers of Pre-qualified Suppliers or panels (LGR s232)
• Preferred Supplier Arrangements (LGR s233)
• Approved Contractor Lists (LGR s231)

The following link provides the legislative details for the above.

Local Government Regulation 2012 (

Council’s current list of Registers of Pre-qualified Suppliers, Preferred Suppliers and Approved Contractor Lists is shown in the table below.

Registers of Pre-qualified Suppliers List Fleet Servicing, Repairs & Accessories

–          2020T108C – Servicing and repair of light vehicles

–          2020T116C – Supply and delivery of tyres and associated services

–          2020T117C – Supply and delivery of batteries and associated services

2021T265C – Electrical Prequalified Supplier Panel Arrangement

Approved contractor list

A Local Government may compile a list of approved contractors suitably qualified to provide a service. A list must be complied by:

  • Inviting expressions of interest for suitably qualified persons to be included on the list by an advertisement in a newspaper that circulates generally in the local government area;
  • Allowing expressions of interest to be given to the Local Government for at least 21 days after the invitation is advertised: and

Selecting persons on the basis of the principles mentioned in section 104 of the Act


Local government arrangements (LGAs)

CHRC may use local buy arrangements, commonly referred to as local government arrangements (LGAs), for the procurement of goods and/ or services and the disposal of non-current assets.


Check here


Register on VendorPanel to access current local buy arrangements

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