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Buy Local, Grow Local

Advertising of Tenders

Council’s invitation to tenderers must allow at least 21 days after the day of publication of the advertisement for the submission of tenders.

Public invitations to offer (tenders) may be advertised via any of the following methods:

  • CHRC website
  • VendorPanel
  • Online advertising/or print newspaper

The invitation to offer document will contain details on the required method for responding.


Evaluation of tender will be in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 2009 and other applicable Legislative Requirements.

The Local Government Act 2009 requires Council to have regard to the following Sound Contracting Principles:

  1. Value for money
  2. Open and Effective Competition
  3. Development of Competitive Local Business and Industry
  4. Environmental Protection
  5. Ethical Behaviour and Fair Dealing

Local Content

Local content criteria is utilised to encourage suppliers to utilise local subcontractors and other support services by external contractors.

  • Council's minimum requirements
    • Public and Products Liability (minimum $20,000,000)
    • Public Indemnity Insurance (minimum $5,000,000)
    • Workcover or Income Protection (as appropriate)
  • Tips on submitting your tender
    • Make sure you have read and understood the tender documents
    • Understand your client’s needs
    • If unsure of something ask questions
    • Make sure you sell yourself
    • Ensure your pricing is as competitive as possible
    • Be organised and ensure you meet deadlines
    • Address all criteria

Emergency Management Dashboard

Up-to-date weather, road closure and disaster information.