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Guidelines for Building Sites

Soil erosion, sediment and litter from building sites can be a major source of stormwater pollution and can cause:

  • Significant harm to the river system and surrounding tributaries environment.
  • Weed infestation of waterways by sediment settling on the river bed and transporting nutrients.
  • Loss of valuable top soil and significant public safety problems with sediment washed onto roads and intersections.
  • Blocked drains creating flooding and increased maintenance cost.
  • The potential to affect recreation and fishing in the local waterways.
  • Waste Collection & Storage

    All solid waste should be stored onsite in a way that prevents material loss caused by wind and water. Smaller materials, such as litter, should be contained in covered bins or litter traps formed on three sides by a geotextile wind break or similar device.

    Littering and illegal dumping are offences under the Queensland Government Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 and attract penalties.

  • Erosion & Sediment Control

    Soil erosion on building sites is a major source of sediment pollution in our waterways. A single building site can lose up to four truckloads of soil in one storm. Sediment washed from building sites into gutters and stormwater drains can cause flooding and affects the water quality and fish stocks in our creeks and rivers.

    Contaminating waterways, stormwater drains and roadside gutters is an offence under the Queensland Government Environmental Protection Act 1994 and attracts penalties

  • Building Site Operating Hours

    A person must not carry out building work in a way that makes an audible noise (a) on a business day or Saturday, before 6.30 am or after 6.30 pm; or (b) on any other day, at any time (e.g. Sunday or public holiday).

    Contravening a noise standard is an offence under the Queensland Government Environmental Protection Act 1994

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