Plan sealing

  • What is plan sealing?

    Following the issue of development permits for reconfiguring a lot and operational works, the plan of subdivision (or survey) is required to be ‘signed’ and ‘sealed’ by us prior to registering the plan with the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

    The process of plan sealing is:

    1. The conditions stated on all development permits are completed (or we otherwise secure the completion with an uncompleted works bond).
    2. Plan of survey prepared by a registered surveyor in accordance with the approved development permit.
    3. Plan of survey lodged to us for signing and sealing.
    4. Signed and sealed plan of survey collected from us and lodged for registration of the land title with state government.

    Visit the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines for a list of land title regulatory fees applicable to registering a plan of survey.

  • Types of Plans

    There are a number of different methods of reconfiguring land: subdivision, dividing land by agreement (Leasehold), boundary rearrangement or access easement.

    If a reconfiguration involves subdivision, there are three types of formats possible under the Land Title Act 1994 : standard, volumetric and building.

    The applications will need to specify (if applicable):

    • length of new road
    • number of lots
    • area of park and open space
    • area of drainage reserve
  • Lodging a Plan Sealing Application

    The Survey Plan Sealing Lodgement Kit gives a comprehensive list of all documents and fees to submit when lodging a plan sealing application. It is imperative that all documents are lodged or the application will be returned and a resubmission fee will apply when it is re-lodged.

    Land title fees applicable to registering a plan of survey

    Creating an easement? 

    Provide easement documents with the application.

    Community Management Statement 

    If a community title is being created, e.g. standard format or building format plan, and the plan of survey includes common property, a signed Community Management Statement must be provided for endorsement.

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