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Election signage guidelines

Prior to placing election signage in a council road reserve or area controlled by the council, including a park, written permission must be obtained from council’s operational works team, pursuant to Local Law No. 4 and Subordinate Local Law No. 4.  Candidates must complete an application for this.

For requirements on state-controlled roads visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

Election signage is any free-standing advertising signage that identifies candidates and/or promotes a political party at local, state or federal government elections.

Printable fact sheet.

  • Applications

    Candidates must complete an application to the council that includes:

    • Name, address and contact information of the candidate.
    • The number of election signs.
    • Maps showing where the signage will be located and the number of signs in any given location.
    • Payment of the relevant application fee listed in the fees and charges.

    Council will assess the safety and amenity impacts that the signage location poses when it considers the application. If the application complies with the standard signage provisions as detailed on this fact sheet, it will be approved with conditions.

    Candidates can expect conditions to include: compliance with an approved locational plan, compliance with the standard signage provisions, and the payment of a $150 bond that will be refunded following the candidate demonstrating that they have appropriately removed and disposed of all signage within seven days following the election polling day.

    Where signage has not been appropriately removed and disposed of the bond will be used to cover the time spent by council officers cleaning up after the candidate.

    Penalties will apply to a candidate who does not comply with the conditions of their approvals or candidates who exhibit advertising without obtaining approval.

  • Placement, construction and location requirements

    Signage must…

    Display period

    • …not be erected or displayed until the election has been officially announced.
    • …be removed within seven days of the election polling day.


    • …be no greater than 0.6m2 in size.
    • …be made from a material that can withstand normal weather conditions without being damaged or destroyed whilst still being frangible for disposal purposes.
    • …not rotate or be illuminated or flashing.
    • …not use reflective or fluorescent materials.
    • …have clearly printed on it the name and address of the
      the person who authorised the display.
    • …not contravene and the law of the State of Queensland or the Commonwealth of Australia relating to electoral advertising (Electoral Act 1992 and Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918).


    • …be located so as not to distract motorists, cyclists or
      pedestrians; restrict sight distances on approaches to
      intersections; obstruct the view of road traffic signs; or
      otherwise, impact on safety.
    • …not be located on a motorway, freeway or roads of a similar standard.
    • …be located at least 3.5 metres from the edge of the nearest traffic lane on roads where the speed limit is 80kmh or less.
    • …be located at least six metres from the edge of the nearest traffic lane on roads where the speed limit is over 80kmh.
    • …not be located on centre medians or roundabouts.


    • …not be attached to vegetation or council infrastructure (for example, trees, vegetation, road signs, guard rails, etc).
    • …be located as close as practicable to the property boundary.
    • ..not hinder the flow of traffic, protrude over the road or interfere with the road’s operation (this includes a person holding or waving an election sign).
    • …not obstruct pedestrians and cyclists (including people using a mobility device).
    • …be secured so that the signage will not become airborne and damage persons or property.
  • Liability requirements

    The candidate accepts liability for any claims arising from the placement of elections signage.

    Safety first

    Queensland laws cover the placement and type of election signs that can be placed beside a road. These laws are necessary to ensure:

    • Road users are not distracted by the signs.
    • Road users (pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle) have a clear line of vision.
    • Pedestrian and vehicular movements are not impeded.
    • Official road signs are not obstructed.
  • Disclaimer

    Candidates should note that the council is not responsible for the regulation of the printed content and format of any electoral signs.
    All candidates are encouraged to contact the election Returning Officer or the relevant electoral authority prior to the production of any electoral signage to ensure that compliance with the appropriate electoral advertising regulations and standards are met.

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