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Barking dogs

All dogs bark on occasion for various reasons, whether it’s because they are glad to see their owner or to alert of intruders. However, there are dogs that bark excessively and in doing so cause a nuisance to the community.

  • What causes excessive barking?

    Excessive barking can be caused by:

    • loneliness or boredom
    • pain or discomfort
    • behavioural problems

    Information on how to address these issues can be found at

    For further help contact:

    • Your local veterinarian.
    • Canine Control Council of Queensland on (07) 3252 2661.
    • A recognised dog obedience school.
  • How to deal with a barking dog in your street or neighbourhood

    The first thing you should do is talk to your neighbours about any noise issues that are affecting you. They may not be aware their pet is causing a problem.

    If you don’t feel comfortable doing this or are unable to speak to your neighbour face-to-face, drop a letter in their mail box alerting them of your concerns.

    If the barking problem continues, you can contact council for further assistance to resolve the issue.

  • What will council do about a persistent barking dog?

    Complaints about barking dogs are investigated by council’s Ranger Services Team under Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2012.

    For council to proceed with an investigation a barking dog diary must be completed over a period of fourteen days.

    In the first instance the dog owner will be informed of the noise complaint and offered advice on possible solutions. They will be given time to implement strategies to resolve the problem.

    If the situation doesn’t improve, according to the complainant, after approximately 14 days officers may commence a wider investigation, interviewing other neighbours. This process will establish if a noise problem exists and to what extent.

    Once officers have completed their enquiries, they will inform the dog owner and complainant of the outcome.

    If a problem exists the dog owner may receive an on-the-spot fine and further action may be taken if the problem persists.

    For more information contact council on 1300 242 686.

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