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Owning a Pet

Animals bring joy and pleasure to their owners, but there are many responsibilities that come with having a pet. Our Ranger Services Team works with Central Highlands’ residents to ensure animals are appropriately cared for and managed, to maintain the health and well-being of our community and our animals, and to protect our environment.

  • Things to consider before getting a new pet

    Getting a new pet can be a very exciting time, but it’s a decision which needs to be taken very seriously. After all, it is a lifelong commitment.

    • Check with your body corporate or landlord to see if you’re allowed a pet.
    • Check local laws to see how many pets you’re allowed.
    • Ensure you have adequate space and fencing.
    • Check out different breeds and find the right pet to suit your lifestyle.
    • Are you totally committed to caring for your new pet?
    • Do you have enough time to properly feed, exercise and clean up after your pet?
    • Will your new pet get along with your existing pets?
    • Check your finances and make sure you are able to afford the ongoing costs.
  • Keeping your pet under effective control

    Under local law, pet owners have an obligation to keep their dog under effective control at all times.

    This means:

    • The dog is in a secure enclosure or fenced yard.
    • Enclosures should be an adequate size and include a sheltered area.
    • The dog is on a leash in public places.
    • The dog is tethered to a fixed structure or object.
    • The dog is safe, secure and comfortable while in transit.

    If a dog escapes from its yard or runs off, any damage or harm it causes is ultimately the owner’s responsibility.

  • Off-leash areas

    There are four free off-leash areas in the Central Highlands that can be accessed 24/7:

    • Emerald, Rifle Range Road
    • Blackwater, Hunter Street Sports Complex
    • Springsure, adjacent to Zamia Parklands
    • Rolleston, near Beazley Park

    These are specific areas where dogs can legally be exercised off their lead, although you should always make sure your dog is under control while in these areas.

  • Tips to keep your pet happy and healthy

    Maintain a good relationship with your pet and you will ensure your animal lives a happy and healthy life.

    • Desex your animal.
    • Register your dog.
    • Ensure your pet has regular vet visits.
    • Always walk your dog on a lead.
    • Keep your animal in a suitable enclosure.
    • Monitor for any signs of aggression and take appropriate action.
  • Pets in a disaster

    For information on how to prepare your pet emergency plan visit the Get Ready Queensland website.

  • Adopting an animal

    If you are interested in adopting an animal from council please fill out our Application for Adoption form and return to a council office.

    Animals are also available for adoption through CQ Pet Rescue, a not-for-profit animal rescue organisation operating within the Central Highlands.

    The group of volunteers have a memorandum of understanding with council to foster and find new homes for suitable animals from the local pounds.

  • Surrendering an animal

    Unwanted animals may be surrendered to council. Fees are applicable; however these may be waived under certain circumstances. Each case is judged individually.

    To surrender an animal please complete the request for surrender and sale or disposal of an animal form and return to your local council office.

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