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Natasha Stanton – Emergence

Natasha Stanton – Emergence

Natasha has lived in the Central Highlands her whole life and has long been a practicing artist. She is a regular entrant in both the Emerald and Springsure Art Awards. Natasha predominantly paints, however she is diverse in her practice, incorporating other mediums such as water colours, drawing, pastel, alcohol inks and 3-D works.
Her works are often a reflection of the natural environment around her and she is drawn by nature’s subtle details which encourage her to look below the surface, revealing a hidden world of sublime beauty.

Emergence is Natasha’s first ever solo exhibition proudly brought to you by the CHRC and CHRG.


EmergenceTwilight on MaraboonBuckland Plains
Bird of Paradise - graphiteBird of Paradise - acrylicButterfly
Bodhi TreeCauseway LakeCoolibah
CarnivalLife on MarsPurple Fusion
Einasliegh RiverLife's a BeachSherbert
EungellaLeichhardt Tree - graphiteLeichhardt Tree - acrylic
Palm Lilly - graphitePalm Lilly - acrylicRed Flowering Gum
Plumeria - graphitePlumeria - acrylicStill Waters Run Deep
Water Poppies & Lilly - graphiteWater Poppies & Lilly -acrylicZen Rocks

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