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Projects & Programs

Council is committed to developing arts and cultural projects and programs in our region that benefit both local artists and the community.

  • Commemorative quilt project

    In 2012, Central Highlands Regional Council supported the social and emotional healing and expressions of local community groups affected by floods and bushfires that occurred repeatedly across the region in the previous years. 

    Emerald, Rolleston, Duaringa, Springsure and the Gemfields communities had all been significantly affected, as well as all townships being isolated from each other during the flooding events.  

    A a way to commemorate this historic event, local artists, historians and community groups collaborated to create a large quilt, representing the visual and artistic expression of each town’s history, iconic landmarks and waterways.

    This project was a region-wide community project which imparted numerous arts and cultural skills throughout our region. Basic beginners working with more experienced mentors resulted in the linking of multiple regional workshops to formulate and develop the quilt. This remarkable project developed emerging artists and enthusiastic amateurs across the region and revitalised the social/emotional wellbeing of the many impacted communities.  

    The Central Highlands Commemorative Quilt project was funded by council’s Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), state and federal funding. 


  • Arts around August

    Each year, the Arts around August program promotes the diversity of the region’s thriving arts and culture sector, supporting local community projects and their development.

    Events range from musi  c concerts and craft markets to photo competitions and the annual Gemfest event.


  • Cultural heritage plan

    A regional mapping overlay marking the location of significant regional cultural heritage sites has been developed by council with assistance from the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

    The overlay will promote tourism around the sites and protect them for future generations.

    Plans are also progressing for the production of a conservation heritage management plan for the region.

  • Oral history project

    The oral history project for the southern area of our region explores and communicates the stories of individuals and places that link communities with their past.

    These stories capture the land development and social history and add valued local and family history information.

    The project extends public knowledge and interest in the unique history of these areas by identifying, recording and sharing these stories.

  • Springsure Hospital Museum

    The Springsure Hospital Museum is a nationally heritage-listed building. It was originally opened in 1868 with feature characteristics of the French pavilion plan.

    Not only is the former Springsure Hospital the first inland hospital constructed in Queensland, it is also Queensland’s oldest surviving hospital designed on the pavilion plan.

    Council is currently working with local stakeholders and community organisations to restore the museum.

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