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Library Services

Access all of our CHRC Library services by becoming a member here.

  • Montage - Online Catalogue

    Contact your local library to get a PIN and password then go to Montage to access and browse!

    The catalogue is available wherever you have internet access, on any device. View what’s in stock, what you have read, make reservations or renewals, share across your social media and leave reviews.

  • Free Wifi

    Free Wi-Fi (wireless internet) is available at the branches below:

    • Blackwater
    • Capella
    • Dingo
    • Duaringa
    • Emerald
    • Rolleston
    • Springsure
    • Tieri
  • Loan Parameters

    Physical Collection

    All members of the CHRC Library Service can borrow 20 physical items at one time; 10 of which can be AV items (audio books, DVDs). Loans are for a period of 4 weeks and able to be renewed if not reserved by another member.

    BorrowBox App Collection

    Users of the BorrowBox app can borrow 12 eBooks and 12 eAudio Books at one time for a period of 14 days. Electronic resources can be renewed and are able to be returned at any time. If not manually returned, the items will automatically return upon the due date.

  • Queensland Museum’s Regional Loans Depot

    QM Loans is the Queensland Museum’s community-access lending library. Borrowers have access to museum objects in kits that link to Queensland museum collections and support early years learning, school curriculum, or community engagement.

    The Queensland Museum delivers a subscription-based Metropolitan Loans service in Brisbane, and partners with regional libraries and museums to act as a Regional Loans depot and provide free access to kits for their local borrowers. Our CHRC Libraries is now a Regional Loans Depot ensuring access to the kits across the Central Highlands.

    Current Kits

    • Marine Turtles
    • Spider & Insect Homes
    • Fossil Timeline
    • Science Toys
    • Gold
    • World War II
    • Cultural Celebrations: Seasons

    For more information or to enquire about a kit, please contact the Emerald Library branch.

  • UpSkill Collection

    The CHRC Library Service has created a new collection of resources available to loan called ‘UpSkill Collection’. these are resources in all different formats to aid your personal, team, or bushiness professional development journey. Ask you nearest library about this collection or search ‘UpSkill’ in the online catalogue Montage.

  • Reader Kits

    Anyone can borrow our Reader Kits from all of our CHRC Library branches. Divided into colour coded levels, these are great for children and adults developing basic literacy skills.

  • Learning Kits

    The CHRC Library Service has created a new collection of resources available to loan called ‘Learning Kits’. These are resources for literacy, numeracy, sign language, braille, yoga, and more. Ask your nearest library about this collection or search ‘learning’ in the online catalogue Montage.

  • Book Club Sets

    If you are part of, or starting, a Book Club, your nearest CHRC Library branch has resources for your group. Digital collections and Book Club Sets (including conversation prompts and 9 copies of the book) are all available to be borrowed our to your club. We swap and purchase new sets all the time.

    Book Club Sets are available at all of our libraries.

  • Justice of the Peace

    Our CHRC Library Service is implementing the Justice of the Peace/Commissioner of Declarations service. If you need a JP or Comm Dec please contact your nearest branch as listed below:

    • Blackwater – Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays
    • Emerald – Every second Monday
    • Gemfields – Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
    • Springsure Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
    • RollestonMondays, Tuesdays, and every second Wednesday



    • Please contact the Capella council office directly to enquire about the services available
  • Exam Supervision

    Exam supervision is provided by the library service. Students must communicate with library staff in order to organise the facilitation and scheduling.

    Terms and Conditions 

    • A minimum of 14 days is required to ensure sufficient time to receive examination papers and coordinate supervision;
    • The maximum duration for each exam is no longer than 3 hours;
    • It is the responsibility of the student to confirm examination documentation have been received 3 days prior to examination date;
    • It is the responsibility of the student to check with their institution of supervisors’ eligibility prior to proceeding with enquiry.

    To organise an exam, please contact your nearest library branch

  • Home Library Services

    CHRC Libraries offers a Home Library Service to assist those in specific town areas who cannot easily access the library; and who do not have someone to pick up their books for them. If you, or someone you know, are a resident of Capella, Emerald or Springsure and have difficulty visiting the library, then the library can come to you!

    Staff can select library items and resources from the collection and deliver them to you fortnightly. Items that are not available locally may be available from other libraries in the region. With a combination of books, DVDs, magazines and audio books we have a little something for everyone. We also have a wide range of large print books for those with vision difficulties.

    To sign up, please contact:

    • Emerald on 4986 8444
    • Springsure on 4984 1265
  • BorrowBox App


    Sign up and download our free BorrowBox app to access the latest fiction and non-fiction bestsellers in ebook or eaudiobook format.

    The app is suitable for both Apple and Android devices, making it simple to download and listen to or read anywhere, anytime.

    Four easy steps will get you started:

    1. Make sure you have your library membership number, 4-digit password and valid email address before you start.
    2. Go to either Apple store or Google Play Store to download your free app.
    3. Search for ‘CHRC Libraries’ and select.
    4. Enter your details and follow the instructions to browse, borrow, confirm and download.
  • LinkedIn Learning App

    Use your library membership for free access to high-quality training and professional development content through LinkedIn Learning.

    Follow this link to get started 

  • Hoopla App

    Sign up and download our free Hoopla app to access a huge collection of ebooks, audiobooks, e-comics, magazines, music, movies, television series, and training videos.

    The app is suitable for both Apple and Android devices, making it simple to stream or download electronic content anywhere, anytime.

  • PACs, printing with Princh and Wi-Fi

    Free PACs (Public Access Computers) are available at all CHRC Library branches, with no need to book a PAC.

    Princh is our printing solution enabled on all PACs and via the Princh website.

    It is now available via both the app and a QR code. Printing is aligned with council fees and charges and can be paid with the below options:

    • Cash/coin at the library
    • PayPal
    • Online banking

    Princh ID codes for each branch are below:

    • Blackwater – 102163
    • Capella – 102165
    • Dingo – 102167
    • Duaringa – 102168
    • Emerald – 102160
    • Gemfields – 102170
    • Rolleston – 102169
    • Springsure – 102164
    • Tieri – 103780
  • Ancestry Access

    All branches provide free access to on the PACs (Public Access Computers). Just by clicking on the icon on the screen, will allow free family history research to take place at the library.

    There are also physical Local/Family History collections housed at the following branches:

    • Blackwater
    • Capella
    • Dingo
    • Duaringa
    • Emerald
    • Gemfields
    • Rolleston
    • Springsure
    • Tieri

    Customers also have access to the Moses Wafer collection at the Dingo branch.

  • First5Forever

    First 5 Forever is an ongoing, state wide project that is aimed at children ages 0-5 years. Families are encouraged to join in programs and events delivered by the CHRC Library Service; as well as pick up a free First 5 Forever goodies bag from your nearest library branch.

    A child’s vocabulary is developed within the first five years of age; affecting their learning all through primary and secondary school; and even during adult years. The First 5 Forever program helps parents prepare their children for a lifetime of learning through play based learning.

    Contact your nearest library branch and find out about Baby Rhyme Time and Kids Time sessions, free First 5 Forever bags, First 5 Book Kits to be borrowed, and tips to keep your sanity while building your child’s vocabulary, learning skills and interacting.

    For more information on First 5 Forever, view this short video from the Queensland Government.

  • Membership Access

    Membership is free for all in the community. Photo identification must be sighted before joining. Adult and Junior memberships are available.

    Conditions of Membership

    As a member of CHRC Libraries, I agree to:

    • Notify library of change of address
    • Be responsible for all items borrowed on this card
    • Pay for the cost of any lost or damaged items as well as any associated account fees.

    Adult Membership

    • Full digital access (e.g. apps and online catalogue)
    • 20 physical items borrowed at any given time
    • All branches in the region

    Junior Membership

    • Full digital access (e.g. apps and online catalogue)
    • 10 physical items borrowed at any given time
    • All branches in the region

    All branches offer a free temporary membership for travellers. Photo identification must be sighted, and a form completed to join as a temporary member.

    Temporary Members are entitled to:

    • Full digital access (e.g. apps and online catalogue)
    • 2 physical items borrowed at any given time
    • All branches across the region

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