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Game Plan Advisory Committee Membership Application

The Game Plan Advisory Committee has been established to provide advice to council and to ensure community sport and recreation facility access, use, maintenance, improvement and renewal is planned, systemised and sustainable. Expressions of interest are invited to fill two spaces on the committee and can be made online or by downloading the paper form.

Expressions of interest require applicants to provide required personal information and complete a background statement that addresses the role and responsibilities outlined in the committee’s terms of reference and setting out knowledge, experience and qualities that the applicant would bring to the committee. Read the Game Plan Advisory Committee Terms of Reference here.

Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. An ability to constructively participate in an advisory capacity for the committee’s duration.
  2. An ability to represent a broad range of views that reflect the diversity of the community.
  3. A broad understanding of the local sport and recreation community and its social, environmental and economic influences.
  4. Good knowledge and understanding of the local issues that are relevant to the management and operation of community facilities.
  5. A willingness to contribute positively to meetings in a fair and unbiased manner.
  6. An ability to look beyond personal interests for the benefit of the community and residents of the Central Highlands.
  7. An ability and willingness to encourage positive participation from and provide feedback to the community regarding the management and operation of not-for-profit organisations and community facilities.

Expression of interest - Game Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) membership

Complete the form below to express your interest to become a GPAC member.
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