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Sport and active recreation advisory group

Our sport and active recreation advisory group is a stakeholder group to inform council policies and strategies to grow sport and recreation in the Central Highlands region.

The group has representation of elected members, council staff and community members and businesses with an interest in and an in-depth understanding of sport and recreation.


  • What does the group do?

    The group guides council’s strategic direction to grow sport and recreation, and provides feedback on related services, facilities management and infrastructure developments.

    1. Discuss and review policies and strategies.
    2. Establish and facilitate partnerships and community and user participation programs.
    3. Support council project working groups.
    4. Actively promote discussion and source feedback in the community.
    5. Research and prepare reports.


  • Who is the group for?

    The group has four community representation seats for anyone with a passion for and expert knowledge in sport and recreation. This could be an active member of a sports club or association, an industry business owner or an athlete.

    Members should bring a sincere interest to engage with the group and their communities and the four seats should culminate a representation of the entire Central Highlands. For this reason, seats are nominated by areas Blackwater, Capella, Duaringa, Emerald and Springsure.

  • Meetings

    Meetings occur quarterly with members expected to attend in person of via telephone conference.
    An agenda sets the meeting schedule and has contribution from council and other members.


  • Terms of reference

    Download the terms of reference to learn more about the requirements of being involved in the group.

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