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Water saving tips

Central Highlands Regional Council is a proud subscriber of Smart Water Advice. In collaboration with Smart Approved WaterMark and water utilities and councils from across Australia, we are providing you with a range of tips and resources to help you save water in your home, garden and at work.

In the garden

how to save water in your garden

Find out when and how to water efficiently in your garden. Discover how to install a rainwater tank and use greywater safely. Design a new garden. Browse Smart WaterMark approved garden products. Discover the most water-efficient method of washing your car and caring for your swimming pool.

In the home

saving water in the home

Explore ways of reducing your water wastage in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.

  • Take a tour through the interactive Blue House
  • Bathroom

    Three-quarters of the water used in the bathroom is used for washing ourselves. These days, thanks to high-quality water-efficient technology it is possible to have a great washing experience without using excessive amounts of water.

  • Toilets

    A quarter of all the water we use in the bathroom is flushed down the toilet! It is crazy that we use high quality, treated drinking water to flush toilets. It’s easy to cut down water wastage in this area.

  • Taps

    A running tap wastes over 6 litres a minute. Remember to turn off those taps and fix leaks.

  • Kitchen and laundry

    Cooking, cleaning and washing dishes uses a huge amount of water.

    About 15-20% of all water consumed in the home is used in the laundry, making this room a high consumer of not only water but also energy and detergents. There are many inexpensive ways to save water in the laundry.

  • Leaks

    A continuously running toilet can waste up to 60,000 litres of water per year.

In a business

saving water in business

Discover how to save water across different parts of the business sector including nurseries, food processing, manufacturing, commercial laundries, the building industry, hospitality, textiles, horticulture and viticulture.

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